Sanitation Services – Our mission is to make W. 181st street one of the cleanest shopping corridors in NYC. Keeping Washington Heights clean, safe and vibrant has been the BIDs motto since its inception. Since February 2011, sanitation services has been outsourced to Atlantic Maintenance, a company that specializes in the cleaning and general maintenance of commercial areas. Our sanitation services provide the district with a team of 4 men, 7 days a week 8 to 10 hours a day. The staffers are sweeping sidewalks, bagging litter, removing snow at the cross streets, cleaning street furniture, removing graffiti and providing high pressure cleaning of the sidewalks.

Holiday Lighting – The BID continues to support local businesses during the holiday season with festive lighting. The holiday lights have become an annual attraction for businesses, residents and visitors. In 2011 and 2012, the BID introduced a 25 foot Christmas tree that was placed at the Fort Washington Collegiate Church. The BID also executes a tree lighting ceremony annually.

Business Attraction – Our district needs to attract new businesses to really thrive. Our website, social media programs and e-mail marketing campaigns promote the district to tourists, realtors, developers and business owners.

Promotional Materials – In an effort to promote the Washington Heights BID, the organization creates and distributes branded t-shirts and bags.

Banner Program – With the help of our sponsors, the BID executes annual banner programs to drive awareness for the district and branding for the BID.  This is a seasonal program that provides branding throughout the entire year.